5 Ways Our “Total Restaurant POS” Software Can Keep Your Customers Coming Back

With the landscape shifting under all of our feet, It is more important now than ever before to build and maintain a solid customer base. This is of course on top of good management and knowledgeable staff. A solid customer base is one that returns time and time again and thus helps your business two fold. First, they provide a steady stream of business showing up week after week. Second, they help promote your business by inviting their friends out and through positive word of mouth. Simply by implementing a few new practices and using a few features in Total Restaurant POS you can grow a new customer base if you are a new restaurant, or if you are an established restaurant you can maintain and expand your current customer base.

The Loyalty Program

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Everyone loves gifts, free little extras often go a much longer way then the financial aspect of it. If you see a returning customer bring in friends, send them an appetizer on the house. Ask your bartender if they are on a first-name basis with any of the customers. Empower them to give out newly released beers or cocktails to loyal customers. Creating a customer loyalty program is the most popular way of expanding the customer base. It’s also another great way to give gifts back to your customers. Total Restaurant POS software has an extensive customer loyalty feature built-in. This allows you to customize the loyalty program to best fit your business.

Community Involvement 

When small businesses connect and support each other they can make the community grow. This form of growth is vital now and by supporting local industries like breweries, small farmers and artisans this will help build a reputation that your restaurant is an essential part of the community. Thus, a go-to place for locals and out of towners who want to feel the quintessential local encounter. In that same vein, when the time comes adding live music can help cater to customers looking for a dining experience rather than just getting food. Hiring local musicians on a weekly basis can add to your reputation that your restaurant is a hangout spot, as well as, support one more member of the community.

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Personal Touch

Give your regular customers the personal touch by utilizing the customer profile feature in Total Restaurant POS. Use the notes section to keep track of the customer’s preferences, allergies, and even birthdays. The Point Of Sale system will even keep track of everything that the customer has ever ordered. So when they want to order that amazing dish they had last time, but can’t quite remember it’s name, your servers will be quick to remind them and ready to send that order through. The customers will feel that you’ve gone above and beyond. This type of customization is guaranteed to build loyalty and return customers.

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Social Media Marketing

Stay connected to your customers even when they are not in your establishment by bolstering your social media presence. Post pictures of your mouth-watering daily specials or your clean efforts. Send out notifications of discounts you are offering. When the time comes also blast out events your restaurant is hosting. By staying in their social media feed, your restaurant will be the first place your customers think of when planning a night out.

Updating Your Menu

Keeping your menu new and fresh can get your customers coming back for more. With this downtime now would be a great time to review the menu. Of course, you need to find a balance between your tired and true staples and new innovative menu options. Not sure which items on your current menu are which? Total Restaurant POS can show you which items you sell the most and which items you should consider dropping for something more eye-catching. By changing a few items on your menu every so often, or providing seasonal dishes, you ensure your customer never gets bored with your selection. They will always be ready to dig into something new.


There is no one right formula to grow a core customer base, your core customers are unique to your business. A little trial and error may be needed. Some of these suggestions will take time to implement, while some can be put into practice today. If you feel that your current Point Of Sale system is preventing you from growing your core customer base, let us show you how Total Restaurant POS can help.

As always, we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

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