The Best Software In The Restaurant Business

Cloud-based POS Software
Designed with your business in mind


  • Using the latest cloud-based technology, we give you the ultimate reliability. There is no single point of failure. If one register goes down, it doesn’t affect the others. You can access open and closed checks and keep checking people out even during an internet outage. Offline mode transaction data automatically syncs to the cloud as soon as the internet is restored. 
  • No more spending time you don’t have on software updates. The software automatically updates every time the computer is booted up. Get orders in quickly with tableside ordering and save time with the calculations you no longer have to make. Our Software can automatically add a service charge to large party tickets.
  • There is no huge upfront fee for licenses. You pay a low monthly fee. The software works on any Windows 7 or higher platform so you may not have to replace your existing hardware. Plus, having automated processes that used to be done manually significantly cuts down on employee errors.
  • Check sales in real time from anywhere in the world. Don’t just split checks when you can also split items any you want. Improve your customer experience by specifying exactly when you want individual items on a ticket sent to the kitchen printer. Improve accuracy by using the multiple language option on orders sent to the kitchen.

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