“Bar & Restaurant”

Streamline your restaurant to perfection.


The bar & restaurant world is hectic and detail oriented. You need a feature rich POS software that can streamline your restaurant’s process and foster increased customer satisfaction.


Total Restaurant POS works perfectly for bar and restaurant ordering. Input orders for specific tables. Allow QR Code ordering. Create unlimited split checks. Most importantly, build Customer Loyalty.



There is no reason to pay huge upfront costs for pos software. Our software only has one-low monthly fee. No more time consuming and costly updates. Our software automatically updates every time the computer is booted up. Check sales, closed checks, and other data any time you want from virtually anywhere you are.

Never Lose A Sale

Total Restaurant POS offers 100% up time. If one of your stations goes down, it doesn’t affect any of the others. You can keep entering orders and closing out checks even when the internet goes out. All of your transactional data will sync back to the cloud as soon as your service is restored. And don’t worry, you will always have access to your open checks.

Floor Display - POS Software


With Total Restaurant POS, you get multiple language kitchen printing up to 9 KPs. You can also select exactly when individual items on an order are sent to the kitchen. These features help your crew know exactly what to make and when. Tableside ordering cuts down on staff forgetting what a customer ordered and entering it in wrong.

Tableside Ordering

Have customers order with a QR code from the safety of their own table. Place orders from an Online Ordering portal. Have orders can sent to specific tables.

Want more out of

your POS software?



Not only is it easy to split checks, but also split individual items anyway you please. Our software can automatically add service changes to large party tickets. Thanks to the cloud, open & closed checks are always accessible.

Create Customer Loyalty

You know that getting to know your customers is extremely important and letting them know that you care is key. Enhance your customer experience by capturing customer data every time they come in. Use email and text messaging to communicate with your customers to serve them better. Track order history and customize offerings. Grant Customer Loyalty rewards by tracking visits and purchase dollars.

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