Catch those customers that like to roam around

The Challenge

You need a way to sell to customers that walk around your whole complex.

The Solution

Total Restaurant POS can keep open tabs, not just to table service. That means you can open a tab for those standing customers as well. You could also add a tablet. Our software work on most Windows based tablets.

Brewery POS Options

Floor Display - POS Software

Never Lose A Sale

Total Restaurant POS offers 100% up time. If one of your stations goes down, it doesn’t affect any of the others. You can keep entering orders and closing out checks even when the internet goes out. All of your transactional data will sync back to the cloud as soon as your service is restored. And don’t worry, you will always have access to your open checks.

Unlimited Categories

Set up categories for each of your products including beer, wine, ciders, seltzers, food, clothing, accessories, and more! There is no known max on categories.

Have It Their Way

Create discounts for food items that will last for any duration of time. Add side items. Cook it the way the customer likes.

Add Merchandise

Do you sell accessories as well? Create individual products for those. Let customers choose between different sized merchandise.

Add Software To Your POS Tablets

Our software is Windows Cloud-based, so you can add it to most Windows based tablets.

POS Tablet Examples

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