Create engaging programs that keep your customers coming back. Give them discounts on future purchases.

Benefits of our pos software…

  • Customers collect points by purchase or store visit
  • Coupons for loyalty customers. (Points required)
  • Customers check points on their receipt
  • Comes standard on our “Merchant Advantage POS” and “Total Restaurant POS” software
  • Issues can be resolved 24/7 by our tech support team
  • Can turn off point collection for discounted products
  • No swipe fee
  • No cancellation fee

Use loyalty reporting to see how many points each member has and has used before.

Customers can check their points from an online portal.

Reward customers based on store visits or purchases

Coupons can be spent with loyalty points

Get The Facts

  • On average, store card accounts are reloaded twice as much as standard gift cards.
  • On average, store card merchants experience 49% higher sales volume.
  • Branded customer cards keep your business in your customers’ wallets.
  • Allowing customers to pay from mobile devices provides additional forms of revenue.

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